KIU at a glance

KIU Dar es Salaam College
KIU Dar es Salam began operations in January 2009 operating from Quality Plaza along Pugu road.Currently, the University Centre is situated on a 100 acre piece of land, at Gongo la Mboto area in Ilala District, 7 Km from Mwalimu Julius Nyerere International Airport along Pugu road. This spacious campus offers an ideal university learning atmosphere and plenty of room for further expansion. The first phase of development is almost complete. Visit our Photo gallery to see different views of our campus.

KIU Main Campus
From the small beginnings of 2001, KIU main campus has expanded dramatically in terms of student numbers, staff and physical facilities. KIU attained its charter status on March 2008. The main campus is located in Kampala, about 5km away from the city center along Kansanga - Munyonyo Road. (For further information about KIU main Campus please visit

KIU's Philosophy
KIU's philosophy regards each student as a unique individual who bring to the learning environment certain strengths and ideals.It is the role of University to assist students actualize their strengths.


  • To produce independent and competent graduates capable of making wise decisions which will enable them to become good members of society and contribute to their proffessions,the nation and the global community.
  • To become premier international University in the Great Lake region,providing needs-based, market-driven quality academic programmes.
  • To supplement government's effort in the stimulation of higher education by providing education to a larger section of society.
  • To provide professional and continued learning for practicing professionals.
  • To undertake research projects in various fields that shall contribute to the political, economic, social and technological development of society.
  • To undertake partnership with other institutions in order to enhance mutually beneficial objectives.

OUR MOTTO: "Exploring the Heights"