Students Orientation


The orientation program is designed to support new students as they begin their journey at Kampala International University. During the course of the program, we gradually introduce new students to life at the University, including academics, resources and support services. There will be staff to answer your questions and give tips. ARRIVAL The orientation will begin on Thursday 27th April 2017 at 9.00am. The orientation program will cover two days as shown on the program below

Essay Competition


This Essay competition targets all Secondary students. It is an initiative brought to you by KIU to give students the opportunity to improve their English writing skills. Students are encouraged to be as articulate, creative and original as possible. Excellent essays will attract prizes like iPads, computers, smart phones, textbooks and KIU branded souvenirs. The […]

Research seminar


The Faculty will conduct a Research seminar on Friday 12th May 2017. All Bachelor students in the Faculty are invited to Attend.

Faculty of Development Studies and Business Management, Kampala International University Dar es salaam

Entrepreneurship Training


St John University of Tanzania, St Mark Centre collaborated with KIU to bring entrepreneurship training to students. All students in attendance were given certificates of attendance after the training. This event happened  on  the 27/01/2017    

Kampala International University Dar es salaam
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