The School of law of Kampala International University Dar es Salaam Constituent College commenced its operation in the year 2009, as part of the School of Law at the Main Campus in Kampala Uganda, and currently offers courses at Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor levels.

The school has so far graduated four batches for Bachelor of Laws, and many for Diploma and Certificate.


The objectives of the School of Law are as follows:

  1. To train persons, with acceptable educational prerequisites, in the field of Law in order that they get to appreciate the nature and essence of Law; legal problems; legal systems, structures, mechanics; and the influences on, and of Law in society, within Tanzania, East Africa, and other countries of the World.


  1. To increase the opportunities available in Tanzania and the East African Region for provision of legal training, and contribute to the development of society in all spheres through production of competent Law graduates to add to skilled and professional human power in the different sectors: Legal Practitioners (the Bar); Judicial Officers (the Bench); State Attorneys; Law Instructors; Corporate and Tax Lawyers; Legal Advisors and Consultants.


  1. 3. To encourage students to use but also apply law as a tool for change or influencing change in their communities and other spheres of life.


  1. To provide opportunities for obtaining legal knowledge by persons who require and seek such knowledge, for its own sake to broaden their outlook; self-advancement and capacity enhancement in their various callings; and their harnessing of potential opportunities, within Uganda, and in other countries.


  1. 5. To live up to the expectations of a University as a foundry of high-level knowledge in society.


The School currently offers three well packaged programs:
  1. Bachelor of Laws (three years),
  2. Diploma in Law (two years) and
  3. Certificate in Law for one year.


The School of law intends to present the following:

  1. Courses offered at the School and their duration


1 Bachelor of Laws Three years 1,050,000
2 Diploma in Law Two Years 700,000
3 Certificate In Law One Year 500,000


  1. Other activities done at the School
    1. Moot Court Competitions: Mock trials conducted by the students under staff supervision
    2. Community outreach – Raising awareness on legal matters among the common people
    3. Legal Aid Clinic – Offering free legal services such as consultations and legal advice.
  2. Photographs of students during moot court sessions. (Attached)
  3. Why KIU?
    1. Good qualified International lecturers
    2. Good Law Library
    3. Good learning spacious environment