Essay Competition

This Essay competition targets all Secondary students. It is an initiative brought to you by KIU to give students the opportunity to improve their English writing skills. Students are encouraged to be as articulate, creative and original as possible. Excellent esays will attract prizes like ipads, computers, smart phones, textbooks and KIU branded souvenirrs. The very best esays will win scholarships to study for free at KIU, in addition to their prizes. Very good essays will be read out on radio and television.

Secondly, the schools that will send the highest number of essays will also win prizes like textbooks and computers.

Participants should write an essay on the following topics:

O’Level : Child Abuse or Social Media (700 -1,000 words)

A’Level : Climate Change or Religious Freedom (1,000-1,500 words)

Participants of the Essay writing competition should ensure to enclose the following information to their document before it is sent to us for better identification.

Personal details; Name, Class, Telephone and Email

School Details; Name, District, Telephone and Email

Consult with your friends, teachers, parents and guardians to produce the best essay that you are capable of producing. However, they should not write for you the essay. We are looking forward to hearing from all of you. Please send your essay to the following email address; [email protected] or you can personally bring it to our offices in Gongo La Mboto.

We are already receiving essays until 31st May 2017. However prizes shall be given from April – June 2017.

Let’s get writing



  • This is a very good initiative I must say. Congratulations Kampala International University. We must work hard to give the Tanzanian writing industry the respect it deserves!

    Julius Kessy Reply
    • Thank you for appreciating. More to come

      kiu_admin Reply
  • How will I know that my essay has been received?

    Jamal Reply
    • All emails will be acknowledged by a reply that essay received

      kiu_admin Reply
  • When will the results be out??

    D Reply
    • Essay Competition results are out Please check them out from our website

      kiu_admin Reply

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