April 27, 2017


April 28, 2017


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Kampala International University (KIU), Dar Es Salaam Constituent College, Tanzania have contributed to community and national development, through the donation of blood to the National Blood Bank from staff, students and members of the community around KIU. The Blood Drive is a campaign from the National Hospital in order to save lives, owing to the shortage of blood in the National Blood Bank.

This was achieved through the just-concluded Blood Drive organized by the University’s Management in collaboration with the National Blood Bank, from 27th – 28th April, 2017, in the University premises, in Gongo La Mboto, Dar Es Salaam.

Over 60 volunteers turned in to donate blood, however, only about 50 volunteers from within and outside the university were fit to participate in the exercise. Some volunteers were turned down as a result of their hemoglobin (HB) level which was discovered to be less than 12 HB. Some only had blood that is sufficient for them, while others had low blood and did not qualify to donate blood. They also measured blood levels, weight and malaria parasites. Due to these factors, they will not be fit to donate a pint (500ml) of blood as required from each volunteer, to avoid other health implications like collapsing and the likes.

The Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, Prof. Josiah, H. Ntongwisangu, who saw this exercise as successful, wish to use this medium to encourage individuals from within and outside the community to always endeavour to participate in the exercise where the need arises. This will go a long way to help save lives of patients in need of blood in various hospitals. He therefore advised those who couldn’t participate in the exercise owing to low level of HB to improve in their nutrition through the intake of food and fruits rich in Iron, Vitamin B and Folic Acid. As good nutrition will boost their HB level which will be beneficial for their health generally, apart from donating to the Blood Bank when the need arises.





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