Recognizing the importance of ICT in the Information age we are in, KIU Dar es salaam college has laid down an ICT infrastructure to meet the needs of staff and students. This section will give an overview of ICT facilities we have for the students.


We have four computer labs that are used for students’ practical sessions. Three of them are furnished with state of the art PC’s and the fourth one is reserved for hardware maintenance practical session for students who pursue computer related programmes.


All computer labs are connected to the internet. The connectivity help students to access online resources. The library also has a computer section connected to the internet for online resources. There is also a WiFi hotpots accessible by all students and staff that are capable of acquiring their own laptops and other WiFi enabled devices such as smartphones and Tablets


Recognizing different educational and family backgrounds and ICT skills being almost a necessity in today’s world, we understand that not every student may have at least basic ICT knowledge/skills (considering most of our students being Tanzanians where ICT facilities still are not adequate to reach or be afforded by every individual); It is the college’s policy that every first year – first semester student should go through a general course for ICT fundamentals. This is meant to introduce a students to ICT basics which will help them during pursuit of their education at the college and their future at large.