The Faculty of Development Studies and Management Business (FDSBM) is an interdisciplinary academic unit of Kampala International University Dar es salaam constituent college. It trains students in Business Management and Development Studies courses at Certificate, Diploma and Degree levels.
In addition to offering all-round knowledge skills and competencies in different areas of specialization (i.e. Business Mgt & Development Studies) the faculty trains and engages its students in research, industrial training/Field attachment and community outreach.
In fulfilling those obligations, the Faculty recognizes the fact that students, regardless of their programs of study, are supposed to possess general competence as a result of their training. It therefore provides the trainees with basic as well as advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in their respective specializations, and exposes them to modern management approaches.
Programmes offered at the faculty have been conceived in the light of the above. They are designed in response to the current demands for strong academic and professional content so as to enable the graduates fit in today highly competitive global market.


In line with the KIU mission and vision, the Faculty of Development Studies and Business Mgt. is aware that to be able to serve and indeed survive effectively in the rapidly changing competitive environment, the academic programs offered must be designed and developed to meet high academic and professional standards of the products of the University.

To live up to this challenge the Faculty offers well articulated courses that intends to provoke graduates to explore the heights in search for solutions to the many problems currently bedeviling our societies.



The general objective of this Faculty is to produce competent students in the field of management and development studies with adequate knowledge, skills, concern and proficiency to meet the challenges of management and development society.

The specific objectives of the faculty programs are:
i. To produce graduates who have deep theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and competencies in their areas of specialization
ii. To enable students appreciate the challenges of management and development
iii. To equip students with modern mgt and research skills
iv. To produce graduates who have favorable dispositions that will enhance efficiency in their respective professions.

The programs of the Faculty are generally intended for qualified university entrants, practicing professionals and others who have equivalent recognized qualifications and wish to gain qualifications in a wide range of management and behavioral sciences contexts or upgrade their expertise. It is particularly suitable for:
i. Newly admitted university entrants.
ii. People in the organizations engaged with management.
iii. Those who aspire to become experts in Management and Development Studies.



The FDSBM comprises of two departments i.e. Business Management and Development Studies.

The Department of Business Management runs the Following Programmes

Bachelor Level

Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Banking and Finance)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Supplies & Procurement Management)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Human Resources Management)

Bachelor of International Business Administration

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Human Resource Management

Bachelor of Marketing Management

Bachelor of Supplies and Procurement

Diploma Level

Diploma in Business Administration (NTA Levels 5 & 6)

Diploma in Human resource Mgt

Diploma in Marketing Management

Diploma in supplies and procurement management (NTA Levels 5 &6)

Certificate Level

Certificate in Business Administration (NTA Level 4)

Certificate in Human resource Management

Certificate in Strategic Marketing management

Certificate in Supplies and Procurement (NTA Level 5)

The Department of Development Studies runs the Following Programs

Bachelor Level

Bachelor of Public Administration

Bachelor of Development Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Guidance and Counseling

Bachelor of Conflict resolution and peace building

Bachelor of Arts in Social work and Social Administration

Diploma Level

Diploma in Public Administration

Diploma in Development studies

Diploma in Guidance and Counseling

Diploma in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies

Certificate Level 

Certificate in Public Administration



The Faculty of Development Studies and Business Management has sufficient, qualified and competent personnel who handle its Academic programmes effectively. Additionally the faculty gets assistance for teaching some courses from other Faculties and Departments which requires specialized personnel within the University.

Faculty Administration
The Faculty is headed by the Dean who supervises and coordinates all Administrative and academic activities at the faculty. The Dean is deputized by the Associate Dean on all his supervisory and coordination roles.

Below the Dean/Associate Dean are the Heads of Departments who supervise all academic staff in their respective Departments. They oversee the running of all academic programs at the Department.

In fulfilling their duties HODs are assisted by Departmental administrators and Administrative assistants.