Welcome To ICARI 2017

Kampala International University (KIU), Dar Es Salaam Campus, Tanzania welcomes you to attend the first International Conference on Applied Research and Innovation (ICARI 2017)

 Theme : “Public Health Challenges and Prospects in Developing Countries”
Venue : Kampala International University , Dar es Salaam campus
Date : November 22 – 23 , 2017


The Conference Organizing Committee (COC) invites abstracts and then full papers for either oral or poster presentation to this conference. All contributions should be of high quality, original and have never been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. The papers submitted shall be reviewed thoroughly by a team of experts and authors shall be notified if the abstracts have been accepted as oral or poster papers and they shall be asked to send a full paper on the dates provided hereunder. While the COC encourages authors to submit applied research papers on the subtopics listed below, considerations may also be given for review of papers, philosophical analysis papers, and basic research papers which are related to the themes of this conference.


  • Communicable diseases: malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis B, STDs and HIV/AIDS.
  • Non-communicable diseases and urban life styles: Obesity, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, kidney failure.
  • Environmental diseases and control challenges: cholera, diarrhea, etc.
  • Clinical research and clinical trials on diseases.
  • Epidemic disease surveillance and responses.
  • Healthcare-associated infection epidemiology, prevention and control.
  • Primary health care policy and nursing for the senior citizens (the elderly).
  • Therapeutic drugs demand and supply: The contribution of and local pharmaceutical industries and traditional medicines and their challenges.
  • Shelf life, relabeling, and repositioning: opportunities and risks to addressing therapeutic drug shortages.
  • Capacity building in the monitoring and evaluation of quality assurance, supply-demand systems, disposal of therapeutic drugs and public health.
  • Effects of unused and expired therapeutic drugs, disinfectant and cosmetic products on public health and ecosystems.
  • Cloud computing technology for healthcare records management: opportunities and challenges.
  • Advances in computer and mobile technology and their impacts on access and delivery of healthcare or provision of public health awareness.
  • The cost effectiveness of data mining, computer simulations, GIS and remote sensing in disease risk management and mapping.
  • Communication system and information system in healthcare service provision and management.
  • Challenges in training needs assessment and policy for sustainable production and utilization of healthcare professionals.
  • Investment in physical education, sports and reactional services for risk prevention of non-commutable disease and depressions in communities.
  • Healthcare crisis in the third world countries: what are the caveats in full utilization of knowledgeable and skilled healthcare professionals?
  • Public awareness delivery options on healthcare issues through live entertainment, mobile technologies, print and non-print advertisement: How costs effective are to reaching the targeted audience?
  • Decentralization and liberation policies on the quality of healthcare and sanitary services in the local governments.
  • Free market in healthcare: profit or ethical dilemma facing healthcare service providers
  • Health Insurance industry and its challenges in coverage, access, ethics and liquidity in poor countries.
  • Contemporary socio-economic issues in healthcare planning and management.
  • Occupational and environmental safety issues in health care institutions.
  • Conflict of interests in quality assurance of healthcare services in the era free market-driven healthcare provision.
  • Climate change and innovation in agricultural production and their implications to food security, public health and environment.
  • The political conflicts and refugee crisis: challenges and opportunities in healthcare services and environment health to host countries.
  • Burdens of alcoholism and drug abuse on healthcare service delivery and society.
  • Intellectual property and legal frameworks in promoting research and innovation in health care industry.
  • Bioethics in research healthcare.
  • The paradox of the right to healthcare for all and the business of healthcare.
  • Advances technologies and practices for reproduction and food security: moral and ethical dilemmas.
  • Contemporary legal issues pertaining the public health and healthcare profession.

Our Keynote Speakers

Prof. Florence Tushabe

Vice Chancellor , Kiu

Prof. Mouhamad Mpezamihigo

Vice Chancellor , KIU Uganda

Prof. George Nasinyama

DVC Research, Innovation and Extension