Recognizing the importance of ICT in the Information age we in KIU Dar es Salaam College have laid down an ICT infrastructure and a Digital/Virtual Libraries, Archives and Records Management for Information Processing and Dissemination.

The Directorate has helped staff and students meet their needs in time. This section will give an overview of ICT facilities we have for the students.


We have four State-of- Art- Computer Labs that are used for students practical sessions and the university runs the latest N-Computing platform which as one of the many latest technologies the university has acquired.

Our state of art Server room runs the latest Intelligent /Cyber roam routers and server switches. These help us manage and secure university network and systems.


All staff and computer labs are connected to a very fast internet. The connectivity helps students to access online resources. The library also has a computer section connected to the internet for online resources.


In order to conform to international standards, the Directorate has developed e-learning and e-library online systems to ease our academic staff, long distance learning and face-to-face students with their academic work. Digital/Virtual Libraries, Archives and Records Management has made it easy for Information Processing and Dissemination.


We have 6 most competent, qualified , professional and  technical personnel in the region.They have experience in business systems, data communications, large scale data analysis, system/network administration, information systems analysis and design and information management. They work 24hrs to ensure that these systems are up and running.