OBJECTIVES OF THE CLUB: General Objective: To explore the hidden talent in our club members.



A.    To explore the hidden talent in the club members.

B.     To encourage them to think differently.

C.     To appreciate members with unique and useful ideas.

D.    To motivate them to pursue their ideas and actualize them.

E.     To help selected good ideas to go for prototype production.

F.      Last but not least provide monitory or otherwise support to some unique ideas.

G.    To spread awareness about innovations among members and among masses.

H.    To organize speeches of motivational speakers for increasing confidence of members.

I.       To organize presentations, exhibitions of some great selective ideas.


The club will undertake activities to motivate students and staff to think differently, find solutions to the problems they are facing. It could be modification in the existing technology, system, methods/ methodologies in order to improve the quality of service, operation, functioning of machine or even record keeping, functioning of office etc.

This will be done in the following way:

a.       All the members will be asked to submit their innovative ideas in the prescribed format.

b.      Committee of experts would receive all such ideas and short list the best ten out of it.

c.       Then the candidates will be invited to present their ideas.

d.      Ideas may be presented using power point or models or in a way suitable to the case.

e.       Experts would select best 2/ 3 ideas, which may be worked on practically

f.       Some ideas may be even explored from the business point of view.

g.      That student / staff may be encouraged to start a small production unit.

h.      University may like to provide some monitory help and become partner in profit.

i.        Depending upon the quality / potentials of the innovative idea, Patent may be applied for.