1. Water Level Status Indicator
This water project indicates the level of water in a tank. All water tanks are non transparent (colored or made or steel) and hence someone can not see the amount of water remaining in a tank. We usually tap the tank and use sound to gauge how filled up it is. Not anymore now.
This innovation indicates the amount of water in a tank by automatically changing color depending on how full the tank is. When the tank is full, the color is green and it changes to yellow towards the halfway mark and red when its almost empty.
The circuit is designed and controlled by a computer program and then the gate valve in the tank can automatically regulate by closing when tank is full and opening if the tank is empty.
2. Location based mobile app for Health Services
This innovation is a Location based mobile app for Health Services. It supports patients to locate a nearby health center. It indicates distances between where the user is currently located and the nearby health service centre. It also provides precise directions to the health center of choice.
In addition, a user can enable identification of health centers with specialised services like cardiology, radiology, dental, neurology etc This app reduces time and resources of moving to a health center only to be told that a particular service is not available. For now, the health centers included are those which have insurance schemes.
This Mobile Application is suitable for patients, care takers and health practitioners.