The long awaited results for the 2017 essay competition conducted by Kampala International University in Tanzania (KIUT) for secondary school students has finally been released. The essay competition, which targets all secondary school students, is an initiative brought to the public by KIUT, to give students the opportunity to improve in their English writing and communication skills.

Participants have been graded following the ingenuity and uniqueness of their articles in the following categories:

  • O’Level: Child Abuse or Social Media (700 -1,000 words).
  • A’Level: Climate Change or Religious Freedom (1,000-1,500 words).

Excellent essays will attract prizes like: laptops, iPads, computers, textbooks and KIUT branded souvenirs. In addition to other prizes, the best essay writers will win scholarships to study for free at KIUT. As such, students who fall under the ‘A’ category will be duly awarded as was specified initially. In the same regard, best participating schools will receive textbooks cum certificate of participation as a token of appreciation and encouragement for their participation in the competition.

On this note, the eligible ones, whose names are not on the current list, are being considered for the next phase of the competition, as they have successfully scaled through the first phase of the competition. Consequently, their essays are being reconsidered to determine the actual winners of the essay competition, to be announced within the week. However, all participants will receive comments individually on their performances via e-mail.

Find attached the results of the 2017 Essay Competition.


More results are still being uploaded.


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