The Directorate of Academic Affairs of Kampala International University in Tanzania (KIUT) organizes a week-long registration cum orientation programme for new intakes of 2017/2018 academic session, from 9th to 13th October, 2017.

The orientation programme is designed to support new students as they begin their journey at KIUT. This will enable them to become familiar with the physical campus, as it has been the university culture, to make it easier to understand what lies ahead of them and therefore have informed conversations during their stay in the university. During the course of the programme, new students are gradually introduced to life at the university, including academics, resources and support services. As such, staff from various departments in the University will be on ground to give necessary tips to the new entrants, as well as attend to their questions in whatever areas of concern that may arise.

The orientation programme which is for two days (12th -13th October, 2017) is preceded by three days (9th – 11th October, 2017) of registration, in the same week. The orientation programme will also feature students’ guild leaders, who will be addressing the new entrants to get them acquainted with the activities of the students’ guild in KIUT. Therefore, new students are encouraged to report on 9th October, 2017, to commence their registration with various directorates and departments before the two-day orientation programme slated for Thursday 12th to Friday 13th October, 2017 at 9.00am respectively. After which, they will be expected to resume classes for the first semester on 16th Oct 2017.

The programme for the orientation week has been scheduled as follows:

Date Time Event Responsible Person
9th October



  Admission office  
1.      Arrival of new students and registration Directorate of admission
10th October 09am-5:00pm Registration with finance and other respective departments Respective directorates
11th October 09 am-5:00pm Registration continues Respective directorates
12th Oct 2017











13th Oct 2017

09 am  – 12 pm Office of Dean of Students and Academic Affairs  
1.      Introduction to Students Affairs Directorate Director Students Affairs
2.      Students’ Guild Activities Students’ Guild Leaders
3.      Health Issues Dr. Daniel Hurbert
02 pm –5:00 pm Quality assurance and ICT Directorate  
1.      Quality Assurance Control issues

2.      E-Learning, University emails, SARIS

Director Q/Assurance

ICT Directorate

 09am-12:00 Departmental orientation


 Deans in respective faculties
02 pm –5:00 pm 1.      Arrival All (Students & Staff)
2.      National Anthem, Opening Prayer, KIU Anthem All
3.      Welcome Address and Introduction of Dignitary MC
4.      Introduction Speech Dean of Students
5.      Matriculation Oath Vice Chancellor


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