This research paper explores how the Rights of Women have been defined in the constitution of India. Women should labour under no legal disability which men suffered towards India achieving independence. I should treat the daughters and sons on a footing of perfect equality”–thus said Mahatma Gandhiji, who believed in independence of women of India. Our Vedic thoughts elevated virtues of women as even greater than those prescribed for men. Women were given equal status which is evident during participation in sacrificial rites etc. They were considered as equal partner of men in upholding ‘Dharma’. With the passage of time due to some evil social pressures, repeated foreign invasions, the security of women was seriously jeopardized and they became victims of invasions. The status of women took a turn upwards with social reforms. The freedom movement marked the beginning of a new era for women. On a staunch call given by Gandhiji, women came forward to join men, to participate in the struggle for freedom.

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