At KIU Dar es Salaam, we view quality into six dimensions i.e. Excellence in academics, client satisfaction, Value for money (efficiency), value added, fitness for purpose and meeting the threshold requirements as set by TCU.

The realistic nature of the activities performed by the QA team members has enabled educational managers in the university to operate strategically and act optimally. All these are done in line with the university vision that is also geared at producing globally recognized professionals across various domains of knowledge and skill.

With the six-dimensional view of a client/student-based satisfaction, QA is striving to make KIU a premier institution of global recognition by ensuring that excellence in teaching and research are adhered to at the university.

This will help nurture a diverse learning community in which the students will meet people from different cultures, thereby enhancing their skills of critical reasoning, teamwork and communication. In the end, the students will be prepared for successful participation in their respective chosen careers in their communities and on a global scale.

We thus call upon you to be part of this needs-based and dynamic learning environment.

Mission of Quality Assurance

To provide credible validation. Monitoring and evaluation of the university teaching/learning process so that the threshold requirements set by the university policies and TCU are met.

Vision of Quality Assurance

To create a proper framework that would foster an effective teaching and learning process in the university.


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