Our very own, Kalegamye Hinyuye Mlondo, a 4th year Medical Student (Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery – BMS), has done it again on the Mawazo challenge. Out of 30 participants in the recent Boot Camp conducted earlier in September, 2017, Kalegamye’s “CALL A DOCTOR” scaled through and his project was shortlisted among the top 12, […]


Kampala International University in Tanzania (KIUT) collaborates with Wadhwani Foundation, Bengaluru, India on Entrepreneurship. This partnership is to kick-off with a one-week workshop for staff, from 23rd to 27th of October, 2017, to enable oriented staff train and supervise students that registered to enroll for the programme. The Entrepreneurship training, which is at zero cost, […]

Congratulations to Kalegamye on Mawazo challenge selection

KIU Dar student, Kalegamye Hinyuye Mlondo pursuing Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery, applied to the Mawazo challenge and his innovation called CALL A DOCTOR has been chosen for the next round. Congratulations to him and the entire KIU community. Out of 390 students who submitted their idea is only 30 students from various university have […]

Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) Exhibition – 26-29th July 2017

KIU will participate at the TCU exhibition scheduled for 26- 29th July at Mnazi moja grounds. Below are some of the student innovations which we shall introduce to the public. Computing: 1. Water Level Status Indicator This water project indicates the level of water in a tank. All water tanks are non transparent (colored or made or […]

The Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MoHCDGEC) would like to inform the public that admission into various Certificate and Diploma Programmes in Health and Related fields offered by Public health training institutions for academic year 2017/2018) is now open for new applicants. The applications can either be received at the Public […]

Our Agents

S/N Agent Name Location/District Region Phone Contact 1 Zainabu Athumani Salum Mvomero Morogoro 653061645 2 Amri.Y.Kongoroka Kihonda Morogoro 627102215 3 Mohammed Issa Abood Medi Morogoro 718185939 4 Edward Fungo Regional Library-Moro Morogoro 717045944 5 Mwazani.H.Jambalaga Morogoro Morogoro 655933733/652428446 717037846/717037846 754203433/652428446 6 Melkisedek Luanda St.Patrick Church Morogoro 712529454 7 Obeid.A.Sitta Forest Road Boma Ward Morogoro 0787009099/0756172444 […]

SPIDER’s Research Agenda and Funding Opportunities

A PUBLIC SEMINAR TOPIC: SPIDER’s Research Agenda and Funding Opportunities   SPEAKER: Dr. Edgar Napoleon Asiimwe Department of Computer and System Science (DSV), Stockholm University   VENUE COMPUTER LAB, Health science Block   DAY AND TIME Monday (19/6/2017) at 3.00 pm (1500 hrs) YOU ALL INVITED TO ATTEND THE SEMINAR