SoftyTrainers Limited, a consultancy firm in Tanzania in conjunction with the Management of Kampala International University in Tanzania (KIUT), through the office of the Dean of Students Affairs, is organizing a two-day workshop on Creativity and Innovation for staff and students. The date and time scheduled for the training is Saturday, 18th and Sunday, 19th, November, 2017, from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm daily, in Room 23, at the Health Science Block.

The training programme, which centres on Creative Leadership, Commercial Talents, Persuasive Presentations, Customer Relationship, and Investments, will focus on the following topics as its core modules.

  • Creativity and Innovative Leadership Techniques.
  • Talents, Careers and Business Planning Techniques.
  • Investment, Financing and Accounting Techniques.
  • Customer Relationship Management Techniques.
  • Business Presentations and Persuasion Techniques.

The facilitators for the training programme are Mr. James Mwang’amba: a Business and Communication Management Consultant, Mr. Al-junaid Hasham: a Business and Human Resources Management Consultant, and Mr. Abel Kipapi: Courageousness, Business and Real Success Consultant, all from SoftyTrainers Limited.

SoftyTrainers Limited is a company registered in Tanzania undertaking business, optimizing productivity potentials of individuals and organizations, to cope with modern global economic challenges. For the past seven years, the company has been undertaking productivity potentials optimizations programmes in Tanzania, to empower graduates with employability (employment and self-employment) skills needed in the global labour market.

Participants are to register and pay the sum of Tsh. 35,000 before the date, or Tsh. 40,000 on the date of the programme, to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Tsh. 55,000 to the best 5 winners of ‘PERSUASIVE PRESENTATION COMPETITION’.
  • Tsh. 40,000 to the best 5 winners of ‘TALENT SHOW COMPETITION’.
  • Tsh. 20,000 to the best 8 winners of ‘INNOVATIVE LEADERSHIP COMPETITION’.
  • 2 days Lunch and Soft Drinks.
  • Programme Guide and Note Book.
  • 2 days Training Seminars.
  • Programme Certificate with Passport.
  • Programme DVD and Audio with 5 Courses.
  • Programme Soft Copy Notes with 5 Courses.
  • Free Networking with other Participants.

For Pre-Registration and Payment, please CALL or send an SMS to:

  • Fadhil Miyanga – 0657199957 / 0744718102.
  • David Mhagama – 0688964472.
  • Ahadi Augustino – 0713071701.

All staff and students are encouraged in the midst of their busy schedules to make out time to attend the training, being that it is geared towards building their capacity.

For more information on the training, contact Mr. Abel Kipapi on:

  • 0658442266 / 0625442266 / 0784442266 / 0777442266


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