The on-going research at KIU Dar is listed below:

i)    Molecular Epidemiology of antibiotic resistant Gram negative bacterial uropathogens among patients attending hospitals in Bushenyi district, Uganda

ii) Prevalence and molecular diversity of drug resistant plasmodium falciparum malaria parasites to artemisinin combined therapies in Bushenyi district Uganda.

iii) The effect of L-Arginine in streptozoticin induced in testicular dysfunction in male wistar rats.

ii)    Formulation, development and evaluation of Nifedipine sustained release matrix tablets.

iii)      Anti tumour activities from plant extracts eg Vernon is inertia less using various methods like human cell lines and animal models.

iv)    Anti microbial activities for diabetics and sickle cell diseases.

v)       Anti fungal and anti bacterial activities using plant extracts eg cyclea peltata

vi)   Anti Asthmatic  activities using plant extracts eg cycles peltata.