One of Our staff member Baraka Saiteu has published a book titled “TAX LAW CASE”

Baraka Saiteu is an Advocate of the High Court and Subordinate courts thereto save for the primary courts. He holds Bachelor of Laws with honors from the University of Dar es Salaam and Master of Laws in Finance and Banking Law with Distinction from Saint Augustine University of Tanzania. He is also a holder of Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Law school of Tanzania and holder of short courses certificates from different institutions within and outside Tanzania.

The author is a Lecturer in Tax Law and also a Tax Consultant with experience in both domestic and international taxation. He has worked in different institutions in the area of Tax Law, Oil and Gas Law, Mining Law, Environmental Law, Competition Law, Merger and Acquisition Law, Project Planning and Management, Leadership and Accounting for Lawyers.



This case book provides different tax decisions decided by the Court of Appeal, the Tax Revenue Appeals Tribunal and the Tax Revenue Appeals Board. The author have selected current cases which reflect the current tax regime in Tanzania and where there is amendment of the law the author have put a note after the judgment/ruling to reflect such amendment. The case book provides the summary of different tax decisions. It is not meant to be a substitute of any Tanzania Tax Law Reports or the full judgment/ruling of the court but it is meant to share knowledge, skills, and experience to law students, legal practitioners and other stakeholders over different tax matters. This book helps different stakeholders to appreciate the Tanzanian tax regime and determine also whether what is taking place in Tanzania are tax reforms or tax measures. Generally, the book provides the trends of the court in determining tax matters in Tanzania and also the trend in other tax jurisdictions.


Address and Contact of the author:- Baraka Saiteu,
Lecturer, Faculty of Law
Email:[email protected]
Mobile: +255 0755 692 316/ +255 0713 243 179