On Friday, 27th October, 2017, Wadhwani Foundation, Bengaluru, India successfully wrapped up a week-long entrepreneurship training programme, tagged: ‘Train-the-Trainer’, with staff of Kampala International University in Tanzania (KIUT), in a bid to enable trained staff train, supervise, and mentor interested students in the university that registered to enroll for the programme. The entrepreneurship programme, which is at zero cost, is intended for a period of two years for students of KIUT via E-Learning platform, known as LEARNWISE.

This training which kicked-off from Monday, 23rd October to Friday, 27th October, 2017, is geared towards empowering KIUT staff with basic knowledge on a new, practical entrepreneurship concept known as the Wadhwani approach, as opposed to the conventional entrepreneurship training people undergo.

18 staff of KIUT were empowered on the Wadhwani approach of entrepreneurship by three facilitators from the Foundation, namely: Mr. Varsy Wanjau, the Ecxecutive Vice President of Wadhwani Foundation in East Africa, Mr. Kahaso Mtana, a Consultant with the Foundation, and Ms. Ruth Kallonga, the Country Representative and the Programme Manager for National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), which is an aspect of the Foundation. This one-week workshop for staff kicked-off the partnership between KIUT and Wadhwani Foundation, after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Kampala International University (KIU), Main Campus, in Uganda, in April, 2017.

Sensitization and registration of students who are interested in enrolling for the Wadhwani entrepreneurship programme begins on Monday, 6th – Friday, 24th November, 2017. Consequently, the inauguration of registered students will take place on 24th, November, 2017, being the last day of the registration for new batches.

Wadhwani Foundation comprises of Wadhwani Charitable Foundation and Wadhwani Operating Foundation, both, with the primary mission to accelerate economic development in emerging economies through large scale job creation, from her presence in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The foundation operates in association with governments, corporate, mentors, investors and educational institutes. So far, its initiatives have brought about job creation, through entrepreneurship, skills development and innovation.

The Wadhwani Foundation being an umbrella body with two sub-foundations, share the same goal and mission. As such, the Wadhwani Charitable Foundation focuses on grant making, while the Wadhwani Operating Foundation focuses on direct programmers such as: National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), Global Innovation Network (GIN), Global Skills Network (GSN), and Policy Research Network (PRN).

The proposed entrepreneurship training programme, which is free of charge, has been implemented in India, Kenya, Uganda, among other countries. With this in view, KIUT wish to maximize this opportunity to improve on the entrepreneurial skill of staff and students.

The University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Florence Tushabe during the closing session remarked that innovation is not only for science based individuals, but a multidisciplinary approach, being that entrepreneurship also revolves around innovation. “The Foundation has come on board to KIUT at a time the management is thinking of coming up with an Institute for Research and Innovation”, the Vice Chancellor emphasized.

The Vice Chancellor therefore appreciated the Foundation for the initiative and for selecting KIUT as one of its centres amongst many other institutions in Tanzania and East Africa as a region. She also appreciated the trained staff for sacrificing their time while volunteering to be empowered to train and nurture students on entrepreneurship, as KIUT will be proud to see her students graduate and excel as entrepreneurs in their respective disciplines and beyond.

To read more on the Wadhwani Foundation, follow this link: www.wfglobal.org.


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